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Featured Article: Psychological stress

Psychological stress
In psychology, stress is a feeling of emotional strain and pressure. Some stress, called "eustress" or good stress, may be beneficial, motivating people to perform better. It is not defined by the level or type of stress, but rather how the individual perceives the stressor. Distress is the opposite of eustress. Psychological distress is an aversive state in which a person is unable to adapt to stressors and shows maladaptive behaviors, such as inappropriate social interaction (aggression, passivity, or withdrawal). Excessive amounts of distress can increase the risk of illness.

Popular Article: Kimono

A traditional wedding kimono
Kimono (Japanese: 着物, literally "something worn," i.e., "clothes") is the traditional garment of Japan. Originally the word kimono was used for all types of clothing, but it came to refer specifically to the full-length garment that is still worn by women, men, and children. Kimono are T-shaped, straight-lined robes that fall to the ankle, with collars and full-length wide sleeves. The robe is wrapped around the body, always with the left side over the right, and secured by a wide belt tied in the back, called an obi. Kimono are generally worn with traditional footwear and split-toe socks.

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The Samaritan Pentateuch claims that only Mount Gerizim was authorized to be the sacred altar and temple, not Jerusalem (source: Samaritan Pentateuch)


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